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I shut down TF2Glass in May 2017 because it was taking too much time to manage. This site is kept up for archival purposes.

I have made an attempt to recreate the bots and may re-launch in the future.
See http://tf2glass-v2.elipzer.com/ for more information.


Trade In 3 Simple Steps

Click TradeSelect Your ItemsClick Send Offer
Click Trade
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Get Rewarded For Trading

Trade with the bot to get points for the monthly giveaways


Random Giveaway

Each item that you trade with the bot gives you another chance at the random giveaway.

Daily Trader Giveaway

Rack up enough points in a day to be the top daily trader to get an entry to the daily trader giveaway.

Monthly Trader Giveaway

If you trade with the bot enough over the month to be the top overall trader, you win the Overall Trader Giveaway

Current Giveaway Items (May 2017)

Random Trader Daily Trader Monthly Trader

Note: You must join the steam group to be eligable to win a giveaway


Each profile has the user's Steam profile picture, Steam profile name, and TF2Glass points information

The letters D, M, and T stand for Daily Points, Monthly Points, and Total Points respectively

Still Having Trouble?

Submit a Support Ticket, or post your question in the Need Help section of the group.

Bot Information

/ GTC / GreenGlass

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April Giveaway Winners


Here is the list of the giveaway winners and items for April 2017.

Random Trader Daily Trader Monthly Trader
Profile Pic
0 D
0 M
7 T
Profile Pic
0 D
63 M
553 T
Profile Pic
0 D
63 M
553 T

7795 items were traded this month.

See past giveaways in the feed

Thanks to everyone for trading!